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Tara specialises in transforming any building or space into an immersive digital twin, providing users with the ability to virtually explore and manage the property virtually as if they were physically present. Employing the full range of state-of-the-art tripod-mounted LIDAR and infrared cameras, our teams conduct individual spaced scans of building interiors (and exteriors if required) capturing comprehensive data from ceiling to floor.


This data is then made available in various visual formats offering the unique capability to label, share, collaborate, tag/comment or take 99% accurate measurements of any captured object or surface.


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1.  Understand Our Customers 

Once we fully consult with our customers project needs (normally those who have either no plans or out-of-date plans) our goal is to seamlessly provide an immersive 'as-is' digital reproduction of their spaces focused on the desired objectives .


2. Cutting-Edge Tech in Professional Hands

Our compact trained operators arrive on site and can scan up to 100,000sqft+ per day using the full range of the latest in professional scanning equipment which captures up to 1,500,000 laser scanned data points every 30 seconds. 


3.  Digital Twins within 48 Hours

On completion of the scan process customers are then provided with their own exclusive link to their digital twin within 48 hours of our crew leaving site. The benefits of the twinning process can be utilised immediately. 

Digital Twin Basic

Digital Twin Floorplan

The capture and upload to the client’s account of a full digital twin of the internal and/or external of any building that can then be viewed in walk through, doll’s house & virtual floorplan mode.

Digital Twin - Asset/PAT Management 

As the basic package which includes tagging of all client defined physical portable and/or fixed assets. This will include a visual record on assets location, condition etc. which can include additional data such as asset number, owner, book value etc.

Digital Twin - Tracking

Once the digital twin has been created assets & individuals can be located to within 1 metre using existing device inertial sensors or RFID tags/readers. Depending on compatible protocols this can also include tracking from existing transmission sources with all information integrated within the immersive model or overlaid on the 2D/3D floorplan.

As the basic package but includes a schematic 2D floorplan delivered electronically (with unique sharable QR code) in one-page PDF as well as PNG & SVG format.

Digital Twin Utilities

As the basic package but includes a focus on the location of all utilities including meters, switches, fuse boards and cut off valves/stop cocks or emergency shutdown points.

Digital Twin - IOT Sensor

Together with the basic package all existing and new IOT sensors (subject to protocol) can be integrated into the immersive model or overlaid on the 2D/3D floorplan. One-click gives full instant access to the sensor dashboard and data flow which will also allow for full control functionality.

Digital Twin – Fire & Evacuation

As the basic package but includes a schematic 2D floorplan delivered electronically which has been populated with all exits, fire routes, assembly points with all available  passive fire equipment located & identified.

Digital Twin Navigation

As the basic package but includes the production of route plans based on client defined specified start and finish points.  Ideal for visitor engagement, security, staff induction etc.

Digital Twin - HSEQ Controls

Once the digital twin has been created key building control points are clearly located including environment controls such as storm & foul drains. Copies of all compliance documents are embedded into the twin together with any licences or testing certification such as annual or periodic testing records.

  • What is a digital twin?
    Strictly speaking, a digital twin is a virtual model designed to accurately reflect a physical object. Our Digital twin is a fully immersive capture of a building space (internally and/or externally) that allows users to visual search every aspect as if they were there including allowing for taking 99% accurate measurements of any surface or object. Digital twin is the foundation of building digitisation which will be the “new norm” for building management.
  • Do I need to be trained to use or be able to get immediate benefits from a Digital Twin?
    No - a 5-minute familiarisation with the cloud-accessible digitalised scan user-friendly controls and from there it’s easy to use. Sharing and collaborating with others is almost intuitive and is very roughly similar to using Google Maps/Street View. Benefits are instant as all information can be shared and/or collaborated with immediately which removes the need for unnecessary site visits or confusion.
  • How much does it cost to produce a Digital twin of my building?
    Tara produces a rate card so clients can see exactly what they pay and we guarantee to beat any like-for-like quote. In addition to our clear pricing promise, we upload the twin to client's own accounts so there are no ongoing hosting fees from us. Optional extras such as bespoke floorplans or data input do carry a fair charge if clients choose not to do this themselves.
  • How long does a Digital Scan take? Do we need to separately survey the site first to ensure it is suitable?
    The time it takes to do a scan depends on the size & complexity of the space or building. We ask all clients for as much information as possible on the building, space, or project before a quotation is sent. With reasonable information, we can guesstimate the time with a small tolerance built in for delays/unknown factors. We can capture anything, anywhere – on land, sea, or air so It is not generally needed that a site survey is required prior to the actual scan unless the client specifically requests which we then conduct at a fixed rate based on the cost of travel, labour and time on-site at a standard daily rate.
  • Will I be assured that the business or organisation gets what they expect?
    By not requiring full payment upfront Tara has always aimed to satisfy or exceed our customers’ expectations. We supply a “what you see is what you get” digital twin of their spaces, buildings, or complexes with no caveats. Upon acceptance of the quotation, based on technical information supplied by the client, Tara will require a 25% Mobilisation Deposit to arrange the site visit. On completion of the scanning, depending on complexity our target is to provide an overview of the digital plan within 48 hours of leaving the site. Once approved, the full digital file will be transferred on receipt of the additional 75% payment.
  • I have several smaller units. Are your services available for multi-site units?
    Our contract customers are serviced at a daily rate which includes hours on-site. We are happy to accommodate smaller scans where possible such that including travel time, we can still operate in the normal day period. We could potentially cover several units in close proximity to each other.
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