Tara Support Services

What a Blast!

Posted On: April 1, 2005

Tara Support Services has expanded its range of services to their commercial & selective clients by introducing their unique mobile dustless blast system to enhance its operations within the industry. The arrival of the system means that Tara will be able to provide cleaning & restoration across all market sectors. Tara intends to use the System not just for its clients in the South east but also as part of its services for the marine & local authority sectors both within the UK & Ireland.


The System began as a means to clean wooden and fibreglass hulls of boats without damaging the fragile surface beneath. By combining the concepts of pressure washing and sand blasting – together with the reduction of pressures and the clever application of heat – the system was able to remove marks and anti- foul, quickly and effectively.


These days, the system is proving itself wherever there are delicate surfaces to be cleaned or restored – from civil engineering to Defence, from urban and highway maintenance to architecture and historical restoration. New applications and opportunities are presenting themselves on a daily basis, and Tara has dedicated employees fully trained in helping customers to achieve tasks that just a few years ago many thought were impossible.