Tara Support Services

The need for Digital Twins

Posted On: September 27, 2022

The average age of commercial buildings in the UK & Ireland is 40 years which is significantly older than nearly all of the largest companies who lead today’s digital world (with just some notable exceptions!).

Whilst new buildings are normally digitalised from conception to completion it is the older buildings that need and will benefit the most from the creation of a digital twin that is not confined just to the needs of CAFM or BIM as they provide building managers with so much more.

We are now firmly in the 4th Industrial revolution with more FM companies are now using digital twins to conduct surveys, inspections and audits on both occupied and vacant buildings. Tara is developing solutions that cost effectively resolve asset management, identify high risk areas for preventative treatments, create location specific emergency wayfinders and so much more.

Tara Support Services is a leader in innovation specialising in the digitalisation of new and existing buildings & infrastructure. We operate from Offices in ROI, NI and mainland GB to provide full regional coverage. We rapidly & economically create 3D, conventional 2D & CAD plans for existing buildings. Please contact sales@tarasupport.com for more details