If you can’t measure it then you can’t treat it
A statement that has never been more relevant.
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Many industries have known for decades that in order to deliver consistency then you need to test to ensure a standard or benchmark is constantly being achieved. This is the foundation of any quality control process and the control of hygiene standards is now an important element in every industry. This is fully in line with WHO guidelines who see this as key to the long term post pandemic control goals.

Our testing services are designed to meet the real world needs and be practical in their application to give the right information, in the right format at the right time

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Whilst we have always had the use of basic ATP systems within our services it was always viewed as a simple test of the the surface load facts but with the arrival of COVID-19 we have now invested further to offer an expanding range of services and have become the first company in the UK & Ireland to supply fully mobile rapid qPCR surface testing.

As always we never stop innovating and have, and will continue, to constantly evaluate and bring new effective solutions to the market to remain the most proactive provider available.

Tara Support Services
Tara Support Services

qPCR Testing – COVID surface detection and beyond

Our exclusive award winning system is deployed on-site and gives the exact same gold standard of surface testing as used in the clinical testing embraced by the NHS/HSE. Supplied to us by the Canadian world leader LuminUltra our highly trained crews can sample and test any surface for traces of COVID in under 2 hours.

In this time of uncertainty, imagine knowing whether the virus is present on high-touch surfaces — like screens, desks, steering wheels, seats, fans, bathrooms, etc. — and being able to take immediate action. By identifying the lingering presence of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, on the surfaces or in the air and water where we live, work, learn, and play, we can help create a safer path forward Environmental surveillance testing helps in the fight against COVID-19, allowing you to verify your current disinfection protocols, identify early warning signs and keep your business open.

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ATP – 2nd Generation Microbial Monitoring

For over 100 years expensive and time consuming culturing techniques have been used as the standard method to identify specific microbes of concern in public and environmental health sectors. While these tools excel in identifying specific microorganisms, they have their limitations, particularly the speed of results (from 1 to 28 days or longer, depending on the species present) and the inability to quantify the total population (culture tests typically capture anywhere from 0.1-1% of the total population.

To enable you periodically to ensure the effectiveness of your cleaning procedure a scientific Cleaning Verification System (CVS) is needed to support as visual inspection is no longer a sufficient method to verify clean. A rapid ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) cleaning verification system quantifies your cleaning outcomes and provides a measurable result that can help you take effective corrective action to improve cleaning outcomes.

Unlike the current basic ATP tools in the market which can give an inaccurate account of the surfaces tested our next generation rapid tests (conduct by our fully trained crews) report the actual “live” surface population and does not include dormant or dead microorganisms and gives you a complete understanding of your surface condition.

Tara Support Services
Tara Support Services

IAQ – Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Despite it being well known for decades the subject of indoor air quality is finally getting the recognition it deserves. Sick building syndrome (SBS) is a condition in which people in a building suffer from symptoms of illness or become infected with chronic disease from the building in which they work or reside that are a direct result of something within the building which may be due to poor ventilation, inadequate cleaning or inappropriate cleaning methods.

We have developed a mobile service that visits your location and measures and reports on individual areas within your premises which can identify areas of concern that can be addressed before they can cause a major issue. Our service provides a detailed report of the following tested factors:

PM level (Particulate matter) is a mix of particles and droplets in the air (anything from pollen to exhaust fumes).

VOCs: The acronym stands for volatile organic compounds which is gases emitted from a variety of materials that can have short- and long-term health effects.

HCHO: Formaldehyde is one of the most common VOCs and can be found in many building materials, including plywood, glues, soft furnishings and insulation.

Temperature and humidity: These levels can affect more than your comfort. High temps and excessive humidity promote mould and mildew growth.

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Rapid Pathogen Testing

Working with our global supply chain of industry leading clinical providers we are proud to be able to provide Pathogen Testing for all surfaces. The range is growing on a regular basis and will be added to as and when the new assays become available.

Clostridium Species
Staphylococcus aureus

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Our Process

We partner with our clients - this means we do a lot of listening first to consider what is right for you. We consult with you to understand you and your workplaces and then build the right solution for you. This involves the following stages:


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We will review where you work and how you work; to include what standards you need to work to, what happens during your working environment, how you interact with the public and what type of services you provide. We will also review where you are now in terms of your current hygiene practices and how you are performing.


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We will design the right approach for you in terms of what products and methods will work in your specific situation. This will mean us providing you with proven methods that is commercially best for your hygiene;


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We are able to provide the cleaning services for you. We can deliver the right staff with the right skills and equipment that are orientated towards our methods; and


Tara Support Services

Most of all; we’ll make sure this works. We will provide you with benchmarked results that proves your return on investment in terms of the safety of your staff and the safety of your customers.

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