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Posted On: November 1, 2008

Tara utilising RFID and NFC Technology in its Daily Operations

Controlling the operations within a transport operation can sometimes be extremely problematic due to fleet changes etc. Tara initially put in place documentation based recording procedures that would allow us to track completed tasks so that we could plan our operations more efficiently and create “histories” for each individual site/vehicle within our control. This was the introduction of our Tara Quality Systems (TQS).


The Tara Quality System proved successful and we then decided that we needed a software program that was bespoke to our needs to capture the vastly different array of daily & periodic operations done within our operation which range from daily cleans of premises and vehicles to the more defined ad hoc jobs.


We needed a system that would capture this information on a daily basis and that would generate reports of all these different activities that would be accessible to all hence Tara Tasks was born.


We wanted to be able to capture the information in Virtual Real-time without causing our staff any obstacles.

Time (embossed) scanning of the different tasks was the answer which would mean each vehicle/location was assigned an ID via a bar code which could be scanned as the tasks were completed.


Full scanning units were not commercially viable due to the volumes needed so we searched the marketplace for a suitable alternative. We decided that the equipment we needed had to achieve the following minimum:
• Scan RFID tags
• Record scans in real time
• Have sufficient capacity to make 300 scans per shift.
• Must be completely portable


We found the solution with one of the world’s largest scanning equipment producers Nokia NFC phone and we then went about finding a software package that would insert the information gathered by the scanning units and convert this into the information we required. This we found in Reslink.


Our first trials to “iron out” initial faults at some of our bus operations and the results proved very positive so far and the information we capture relates to the following activities:
• Daily cleaning
• Periodic cleaning
• Ad Hoc Tasks
• Incidental cleaning


The initial results of the software will allow the following information to be generated:
• Daily/nightly Reports
• Weekly/Monthly Reports
• Client Queries


Information collated are held on a database and can be accessed by restricted individuals via our internal network or via authorised users accessing it from the internet.
The long-term future of the software is to provide “hands on” control of the operations at all times & improve the availability of information for the client. This will lead to improvements in the management of productivity and operations and gives us real productivity levels based on individuals, tasks and locations.


As each stage is met and successfully resolved we will continue to add to the list of information captured until we get to the stage where every single part of our operation can be tracked to a per task, or per individual level.


Totally unique in both its vision and content we believe that Tara Tasks we help us control our operations in the 21st century using all the technology that the 21st Century has to offer.