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Tara Sponsors the Karma Enduro Race

Posted On: February 1, 2009

Tara recently sponsored Paul Winford MD from their suppliers Bellbrush to drive a 1950’s style Hindustan Ambassador “Ambie”; (the Indian equivalent of a London cab) over 2000km in India. The Ambassador is a direct descendent of the 1950’s Morris Oxford.


The Karma Enduro aims to raise at least £150,000 per year to help fund the building of a hospital for some of the most vulnerable people in Southern India. The people, especially the children of Southern India are amongst the friendliest, most humble, caring and happy people anywhere on earth, but in many deprived areas their life opportunities are non-existent. Many of these happy, polite and respectful people have no parents, no education and poor health. Most devastating of all though is that they have no clear plan for their future; there are no options other than to try and survive day to day.


The cars involved are Hindustan Ambassadors, a model with 37bhp that, in the words of the organisers, “handles like a drunken badger”.


Add to that the terrain of the Western Ghat mountain range, a chaotic road system, the largest population of wild elephants in Asia and the knowledge that “you simply never know what’s around the corner; it could be a bison, a leopard, a tiger, an elephant, or, God forbid, a bus driver high on amphetamines and cough syrup” and you have yourselves a challenge.


The event organisers took 100 people on the trip. It’s open to all experience levels and age groups and is a test of spirit rather than skill, with participants expected to drive six to 10 hours a day.