Tara Support Services

Tara Re-Launch

Posted On: February 23, 2016

Tara Support Services, the award winning multi-surface provider, has decide to return to the direct service market focusing initially on operators based in the Republic of Ireland from its office in Gorey, North Wexford.


Tara intends to become an approved supplier for the countries growing public transport & freight operators not only providing fleet & facility cleaning & support services but they have also launched a driver supply division for the supply of qualified PCV/LGV drivers for the domestic and international haulage markets.

Following a number of years spent on R&D investigating the use of nanotechnology for the treatment of surfaces to make them E2C the company’s principle felt that the market still needs to develop before treatment solutions can become commercially viable.

Tara intends to expand the service delivery across the country and into GB within 12 months.