Tara Support Services

Tara Expansion

Posted On: November 22, 2017

Tara Support services expands into Northern Ireland.


Tara Support Services Ltd, the award winning multi-surface provider, has expanded its operations into Northern Ireland establishing an office in Newry Co. Down to service the NI & GB market.


Tara intends to build on its growth of its same named sole trader operation in Southern Ireland established last year with the goal to offer the same range of services to operators across NI. It is especially keen to develop relationships with the large 3PL providers based in NI in relation to their vehicle sanitisation programme.


Tara has already secured a contract in the public transport sector which sees them provide a full support service contract in the heart of Belfast for a subsidiary of one of the world’s biggest transport providers.

In additional to the new office & operating base Tara has established close ties with a regional supply network to ensure  consistent service delivery at all times.