Tara Support Services

Tara embraces NFC & IOT

Posted On: July 27, 2021

Tara Support Services Ltd has fully deployed its latest cloud based staff monitoring system across all sites and operations in the UK & Ireland. The real time system combines the use of NFC and a “always on” active database to record current staff status regardless of if they are in a static or mobile location thus removing the need for extensive paperwork systems & reports. The system includes GPS confirmation so locations can be verified.

In addition to ensuring staff are always paid correctly the system is used to ensure an electronic register is maintained for health & safety compliance as well as ensuring staff always get well above the minimums for their daily & weekly unbroken rest periods.

The system is known internally as “Tara Time” and is a key part of the continued development of NFC based recording systems which Tara has advocated for over the last 2 decades.