Support Services

To enable clients to be confident that the outsourced service meets the needs of their operation we go so much further than just the cleaning.

Developed though our many years of experience our range of support services is bespoke to the real client needs and includes:

  • Vehicle Shunting
  • Fuel/Fluid Top up (including trailer mounted equipment)
  • Daily defect monitoring/reporting
  • Light Engineering (bulb changes, wheel torqueing etc.)
  • Mechanical Yard Sweeping
  • Pallet Management
  • Line Marking
  • Allocation (Passenger & Freight)
  • Vehicle Transfers (inter-depot or engineering)
Tara Support Services

By understanding the operational needs of the client we tailor make our services so that they fit seamlessly within the operation and are based on ensuring/maintaining positive workflows. Knowing the sectors of road & rail like we do gives us unrivalled ability to bring to the table practices both new and old that will benefit every aspect of the client’s operation.

Tara Support Services

Our staff are fully trained to use our client’s systems and provide a full documented trail so that tight controls are kept on issuing of all consumables. Our staff can also monitor/collate/Inspect reported defects replacing defective parts where found thus ensuring the fleet is ready for the road at all times.

Tara Support Services
Tara Support Services

We can also provide qualified banksman services as well as yard marshalling/vehicle control operatives who will ensure that the vehicle movement operations are as streamlined as possible not to forget the significant increase in Health & safety compliance which has proven to significantly reduce near misses and, in turn, accidents.

Tara Support Services

We can also manage all on-site cleaning equipment (portable & static) including large units such as drive through washes ensuring that they are performing to their expected standard each operational day. We can perform certified portable appliance testing for all class of equipment which would include maintain site specific equipment registers etc.

Tara Support Services

Our Process

We partner with our clients - this means we do a lot of listening first to consider what is right for you. We consult with you to understand you and your workplaces and then build the right solution for you. This involves the following stages:


Tara Support Services

We will review where you work and how you work; to include what standards you need to work to, what happens during your working environment, how you interact with the public and what type of services you provide. We will also review where you are now in terms of your current hygiene practices and how you are performing.


Tara Support Services

We will design the right approach for you in terms of what products and methods will work in your specific situation. This will mean us providing you with proven methods that is commercially best for your hygiene;


Tara Support Services

We are able to provide the cleaning services for you. We can deliver the right staff with the right skills and equipment that are orientated towards our methods; and


Tara Support Services

Most of all; we’ll make sure this works. We will provide you with benchmarked results that proves your return on investment in terms of the safety of your staff and the safety of your customers.

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