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Size matters

Posted On: August 31, 2022

It’s Official – Size really does matter! Well to be more exact room/building size matters for facility and estate managers who need the accurate information in order to control costs and to reduce expenditure. A Living Digital Blueprint from Tara gives everything at your fingertips including floor, wall & ceiling dimensions all the way down to being able to measure any fixtures or fittings that were in place at the time of the building scan.

This data generated has many uses and is ideal for such tasks as:

  1. Request quotations for the deep cleaning of hard and soft floors to be priced per square metre ensuing like for like competitive quotes
  2. Wall/celling refurbishment size v costs can be worked out in a heartbeat
  3. Insurance loss assessments can be almost fully automated
  4. Lease & common areas can be easily measured thus avoiding any unneeded issues during the term of a tenancy
  5. Insurance/compliance information such as footfalls per SQM etc. can be easily calculated
  6. Building air volumes/movements can be tailored to the actual area needs rather than whole area output which makes a significant energy cost saving
  7. Existing planning or social distancing is no longer a chore and occupancy allowances can be accurately adjusted.
  8. In the new world of the hybrid office fluid movements can be easily accounted for and allocated

The list of uses is truly endless but it all starts with getting your building professionally mapped to create the accurate Living Digital Blueprint in the first place and that is where the Tara professional capture teams can deliver to any location across ROI, NI & GB at highly competitive prices which start at less than the cost of the milk in your daily cuppa!