Digital Twin – Service Packages

  1. Digital Twin – Basic

The capture and upload to the client’s account of a full digital twin of the internal and/or external of a building, complex or part thereof. The twin will be fully immersive and can be viewed in walk through, doll’s house & virtual floorplan mode. All surfaces/objects within the digital twin can be measured to a 99% accuracy with the ability to label/name all areas as well as tag any items and share/collaborate globally. Ideal solution for condition surveys, inspections, space marketing etc.

  1. Digital Twin – Floorplan

As the basic package but includes a schematic 2D floorplan delivered electronically (with unique sharable QR code) in one-page PDF as well as PNG & SVG format. Spaces <25000 SQF/2300 SQM delivered within 48 hours of capture. No upper size limit with those twins above 25000 SQF/2300 SQM delivered within 5 working days of capture

  1. Digital Twin – Fire and Evacuation package

As the basic package but includes a schematic 2D floorplan delivered electronically (with unique sharable QR code) in one-page PDF as well as PNG & SVG format which has been populated with all exits, fire routes and passive fire equipment located/identified. All fire doors and associated equipment/service labels will be fully captured from all angles within the digital twin and any certificates or other documents will be hyperlinked embedded within the twin for instant access. Spaces <25000 SQF/2300 SQM delivered within 5 working days of capture. No upper size limit with those twins above 25000 SQF/2300 SQM delivered within 10 working days of capture. This package has been designed to fully comply with the updated fire safety legislation 2022 – building managers responsibilities.

  1. Digital Twin – Asset/PAT Register

As the basic package but includes a focus on client defined physical/fixed assets, IT assets, digital assets or other specific assets.  The digital twin with include a visual record on assets location, condition etc. whilst each can be tagged with additional data such as asset number, owner, book value etc. Additional information such as purchase invoices, operator’s manual, consumable details etc. can be embedded within the digital twin to be access via hyperlink.

  1. Digital Twin – Utilities

As the basic package but includes a focus on the location of all utilities including meters, switches, fuse boards and cut off valves/stop cocks or emergency shutdown points. Addional information such as approved contractor contact details etc. can be embedded per POI. Ideal for vacant buildings or for use in building contingency planning/emergency management

  1. Digital Twin – Navigation

As the basic package but includes the production of route plans delivered electronically in one-page PDF format (with unique sharable QR code) based on client defined specified start and finish points. Multiple plans can be produced based on static start point/various destinations and physical QR codes can be produced to be placed within the building for self-service function. Ideal for visitor engagement, security, venue induction etc.

  1. Digital Twin – Environment

As the basic package but identifies all environmental control points including, foul drains, storm drains, sewage manholes, segregated waste points, compactor areas etc. Controls Systems such as certificates, policies, processes, procedures and protocols can be hyperlink embedded per POI for all users to follow. Idea for sustainability planning and controls such as legionella testing etc. as well as building user/tenant compliance.

  1. Digital Twin – Health & Safety

As the basic package but includes all hyperlinked health & safety controls for all areas including RAMS, Safety Data Sheets, COSHH Records, Equipment Certification and any local control measures. Users access this information either via the full digital twin model or via scanning the physical location unique QR codes that are supplied and are located beside the relevant location easily accessible to all users.

  1. Digital Twin – Bespoke

As the basic package with the client then choosing a particular bespoke purpose. This includes building specs clarification for tender documents, AEC projects, staff virtual training/site induction, IOT sensor integration, virtual overlay/space planning

  1. Digital Twin – On Demand

Services are also available on demand which is normally requested as part of a pre/post lease agreement or accident/incident investigation. The are no lower or upper space limitations for this service.

Our Process

We partner with our clients - this means we do a lot of listening first to consider what is right for you. We consult with you to understand you and your workplaces and then build the right solution for you. This involves the following stages:


Tara Support Services

We will review where you work and how you work; to include what standards you need to work to, what happens during your working environment, how you interact with the public and what type of services you provide. We will also review where you are now in terms of your current practices and how you are performing.


Tara Support Services

We will design the right approach for you in terms of what service package will work in your specific situation. This will mean us providing you with proven digitalised methods that are commercially best for your environment;


Tara Support Services

We are able to provide the correct digital services for you. We can deliver the right staff with the right skills and equipment that are orientated towards our best practice methods; and


Tara Support Services

Most of all; we’ll make sure this works. We will provide you with benchmarked results that proves your return on investment in terms of your buildings, staff, customers and all other visitors/users.

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