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Save Energy – Go Digital

Posted On: September 9, 2022

Go digital – Save energy. With energy prices continuing to soar now is the time to think smart about energy usage. The key to energy conservation is control but this should be logical control based on the needs of the spaces. This is where a Living Digital Blueprint (LDB) from Tara puts control back in the hands of the FM Team.

A building “digital twin” allows user to view live data by linking & displaying room thermostats, smart sockets and other connected devices directly into the visual scan so control decisions can instantly be made on high energy usage systems such as heating & ventilation, refrigeration, office shared utilities such as printers, monitors etc. or other equipment that are normally on standby.

Proactive energy conservation can deliver very significant, instantly noticeable cost savings not to mention the reduction in carbon footprint and other sustainable environmental benefits. LDP’s are shareable and transform the control of a building and are suitable for all location types including education, healthcare, transport interchanges, commercial and real estate properties, hotel resorts and manufacturing plants.

Tara Support Services is a leader in innovation specialising in the digitalisation of new and existing buildings & infrastructure. We operate from Offices in ROI, NI and mainland GB to provide full regional coverage. Conventional 2D plans, Asset recording, AR site navigation are just some of the additional services that are also available with guaranteed turnaround times of 48 hours or less. Please contact sales@tarasupport.com for more details