Salvesan is fast and effective and kills 99.9999% of harmful bacteria, viruses and spores in seconds including influenzas, E-coli, C-difficile, MRSA and Norovirus.

Salvesan is an easy to use, fast-acting, multi-purpose disinfectant; ideal for use in broad range of industries and is a highly effective biocide formulated from hypochlorous acid.

It delivers a very rapid kill and is effective against known micro-organisms but is harmless to human and uses the same powerful, anti-microbial as the human immune system to fight infection.

One of the most efficient & well known HOCL biocides it produces an effective product at a FAC strength of approx. 200 PPM with a stable shelf life of 12 months.

It is manufactured in Scotland by Aqualution® who are the global leader in the science, production and application of hypochlorous (HOCl) acid. They manufacture products for brands in the UK, throughout Europe, the Middle East and North America as well as providing their branded salvesan products for distribution.


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Our Process

We partner with our clients - this means we do a lot of listening first to consider what is right for you. We consult with you to understand you and your workplaces and then build the right solution for you. This involves the following stages:


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We will review where you work and how you work; to include what standards you need to work to, what happens during your working environment, how you interact with the public and what type of services you provide. We will also review where you are now in terms of your current hygiene practices and how you are performing.


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We will design the right approach for you in terms of what products and methods will work in your specific situation. This will mean us providing you with proven methods that is commercially best for your hygiene;


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We are able to provide the cleaning services for you. We can deliver the right staff with the right skills and equipment that are orientated towards our methods; and


Tara Support Services

Most of all; we’ll make sure this works. We will provide you with benchmarked results that proves your return on investment in terms of the safety of your staff and the safety of your customers.