Tara Support Services

Landmobile Magazine Recognises Tara’s Innovation

Posted On: December 1, 2008

Tara utilises the same technology as the well known Oyster cards.


With the use of the technology Tara thus collects in-field data quickly and more accurately, helping us to provide a better service to our clients and giving them immediate visibility of visits and data logged by cleaners.


Web-browser based reports and enquiries allow both managers and clients to access real-time information that can also automatically be transferred to the main operational system.


More benefits:

  • Accurate reports
  • Real time reports (timely information)
  • Productivity increase
  • Less waste

Landmobile Magazine visited our operations and the whole article is now available. Read the whole article


As one of the first large-scale applications of contactless data technology in Europe, the Oyster cards used for electronic fare payment on the British capital’s bus and Underground networks have done much to demonstrate the potential of NFC (Near Field Communications).

But Oyster is no longer the sole NFC application running on London’s buses. Another, though as yet on a much smaller scale, is being used behind the scenes by one of the cleaning contractors which service the buses. For now, the system is confined to buses based at an East London depot managed by London General, a bus operating company, but the project has proved so successful that the contractor, Tara Support Services, is keen to extend it to its other cleaning operations in the UK.


Source Landmobile