Fact – Once a surface is cleaned only then can it be disinfected and no product or method is capable of doing both at the same time – Period! Now more than ever hygiene is one of the key elements of any cleaning service provision.

The days of just cleaning for appearance must surely be behind us and we must all now embrace the fact that what we can’t see is potentially much worse than what we can see. Tara have always believed and promoted the concept of cleaning for health by being one of the first companies to import electrostatic spraying equipment into Europe almost 2 decades ago.

Since the arrival of COVID-19 this has reinforced the need for “smart” cleaning which does not mean the uncontrolled overuse of disinfectants which is not only detrimental to health but can contribute to the much more concerning rise in antimicrobial resistance which will have a greater negative impact globally than most pathogens to date.

We believe that best practices should be embraced which not only include a general improvement in the standard of visible cleanliness on a regular basis but that this should be combined with better personal hygiene practices such as hand washing etc. These should be further enhanced by daily/periodic sanitising of surfaces using fully sustainable and highly effective proven solutions delivered independently of your current cleaning team for maximum benefit.

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Electrostatic Sanitisation Spraying

General effective cleaning with the correct basic products and clean solutions, wipes and equipment can remove most of the surface pathogens. Best practice advises to use an effective disinfectant agent to remove/reduce any residuals once the cleaning is completed. Available across GB & Ireland we provide an electrostatic spraying service that applies either our recommended or a product of the client’s choice. Our highly experienced crews can apply this to all your defined surfaces using a variety of manufacturers equipment as we are the only provider who uses equipment for all the main manufacturers basing the use of the equipment to be best suited to the requirement.

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Applying chemical disinfectants as fogs or mists is a method used routinely in the food industry. The purpose is to create small particles that will seep into all absorbent surfaces/nooks and reduce the numbers of airborne micro-organisms. This method is also used to apply disinfectant to surfaces that may be difficult to reach. Fogging is achieved using our fully mobile units and is done on a room by room basis. Unlike spraying effective fogging will require the area to be vacated and left free for at least 30-90 minutes depending on the product used.

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Tara Support Services

Antimicrobial Coatings

For even greater protection advanced antimicrobial coats can be applied to cleaned surfaces which can prevent the build-up of pathogens destroying most on contact. As a fully independent provider the type of product recommended will be based on the cleans needs and the surfaces being treated with longevity being based on manufacturers provable data. Additional advantages include making surfaces E2C (Easier to Clean) and can significantly improve staff/customer confidence.

Our Process

We partner with our clients - this means we do a lot of listening first to consider what is right for you. We consult with you to understand you and your workplaces and then build the right solution for you. This involves the following stages:


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We will review where you work and how you work; to include what standards you need to work to, what happens during your working environment, how you interact with the public and what type of services you provide. We will also review where you are now in terms of your current hygiene practices and how you are performing.


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We will design the right approach for you in terms of what products and methods will work in your specific situation. This will mean us providing you with proven methods that is commercially best for your hygiene;


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We are able to provide the cleaning services for you. We can deliver the right staff with the right skills and equipment that are orientated towards our methods; and


Tara Support Services

Most of all; we’ll make sure this works. We will provide you with benchmarked results that proves your return on investment in terms of the safety of your staff and the safety of your customers.

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