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Condition Survey – an Essential Tool

Posted On: October 17, 2022

A condition survey is a visual inspection carried out on a periodic basis to provide information about the physical, mechanical and electrical condition of a building/s. It provides crucial information for a Good Estate Asset Management Plan (known as GEMS) to make best use of budgets and to keep staff and visitors safe.

An inspection will identify any urgent health & safety risks, but it is also an investment that allows building managers to anticipate maintenance needs and costs rather than simply reacting when something goes wrong. Traditional condition surveys are usually carried out every 3-5 years by qualified chartered building surveyors but a digital survey normally takes a day.

Building managers are legally responsible for maintaining the condition of their estate. Poor or irregular maintenance of buildings can result in: disruption, closure or partial closure of buildings, invalidation of insurance, poor value for money, unnecessary expenditure to rectify problems which could have been avoided, shorter building life, risks to the health, safety and welfare of all on site, legal claims and non-compliance with regulations.

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