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Cameras don’t lie!

Posted On: August 23, 2022

The camera never lies (or so we are told!) so there is no better way to capture an undisputable digital record of a pre-let, post let or vacant space/building. The data capture by Tara’s industry leading equipment can then be populated with any information required and has a vast amount of time and money saving uses:

  • Digital maps are shareable instantly and globally and can be accessed on any connected device
  • Maps can show exactly where emergency stops cocks or mains switches are for prompt response to reduce damage
  • Building inspection recording points are fully definable so unfamiliar visitors know their exact location
  • Assets are not only located and recorded but the condition is visible and full relevant data such as servicing, asset numbers etc. can be inputted and viewed.
  • Any damage is available for not only inspection but also for trades quotes for rectification
  • As spaces are observable in 3D, 2D and Dolls House format this reduces the decision making time for letting or refurbishment projects
  • Hygiene test points for air, surfaces and water are exactly identified and can be embedded with results and/or certification
  • Insurance information/compliance takes a fraction of previously allocated time

The list of options/uses is endless but all begins with the accurate professional capture. This is an ideal solution for Facilities Managers, Estate Mangers, Building Contractors. Letting agents, Soft Services and Security providers to name but a few.

Creating Living Digital Blueprints is the most effective, cost saving and innovative method of building control available today. Contact Tara today to start your journey to the digital future.